General information

THE ADMINISTRATIVE DIRECTORATE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION was founded by the Presidential decree on November 15th 1993. It became an independent federal executive body governed by the President of the Russian Federation.

The history of the Administrative directorate began long before that. In 1826, the Ministry of the Imperial Court was founded in Russian Empire. After many transformations, the Administrative Directorate of the President became the legal successor of the Administrative Directorate of the Central Committee of the CPSU, the Council of Ministers of the USSR and the 4th Main Directorate of the Ministry of Health of the USSR.

Today, the Administrative Directorate not only supports the activities of the President of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Government, Presidential Administration, Federation Council, State Duma and other highest federal authorities, but also provides a wide range of public services.

In accordance with the Regulations approved by the Presidential Decree, the Administrative Directorate performs the following tasks:

  •  material and technical support;
  •  social services;
  •  financial and economic support;
  •  management of the events involving the President, as well as the Government officials;
  •  transport services;
  •  medical care organization;
  •  health resort treatment and package holidays organization.

The Administrative Directorate system is becoming more and more widely available. Every single Russian citizen can make use of services provided by medical institutions, health resorts, hotels, cultural facilities and agro-industrial enterprises.

The geography of subordinate enterprises stretches from eastern to western Russian borders, from north to south. In 2014, the Administrative Directorate team extended thanks to colleagues from the Republic of Crimea.

Throughout this period, the Administrative Directorate of the President of the Russian Federation has been developing and strengthening its professional and personnel potential. The multifaceted sphere of the Administrative Directorate activity has united specialists of all possible professions into one family, consisting of 50 thousand people working in the central office and 110 subordinate enterprises. Academics, doctors, builders, engineers, economists, teachers, lawyers, designers, cooks, agronomists, architects, pilots and drivers, teachers, educators, IT specialists, communicators, ballet-dancers and artists, librarians and guides do their own thing every day for the good of the Russian Federation.